Nyingbulam Jujitsu  

Nyingbulam is a Japanese based martial system formulated for modern times. It was influenced by traditional Nihon Jujutsu but also includes influences from other Japanese martial traditions. So it is correctly referred to as Nihon Goshin Jujitsu. This Japanese based martial art utilizes a large variety of techniques in defense against an opponent. Coupled with the physical martial side of Nyingbulam is a deep entwined spiritual side of compassion and mindfulness influenced by Buddhist traditions.

Where Combat Meets Compassion


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Training Locations

Snow Lion Jujitsu Hombu

Newbury ON. Canada

International Hombu
Nyingbulam Jujitsu

Registered Academy
Canadian Jiu jitsu Council
Nyingje Jujitsu Sanghal

Contact Us At:
Cell: 226.927.1987


Snow Lion Jujitsu Academy St Thomas

St. Thomas ON. Canada

Knights of Columbus Hall
265 Wellington St, St Thomas ON N5R 2S6, Canada

Registered Academy
Canadian Jiu jitsu Council
Nyingje Jujitsu Sanghal

Contact Us At:
Cell: 519 200 7343 or
519 520 9575


Ancho Jujitsu

Brockville ON. Canada

3067 County Rd 29, Elizabethtown-Kitley, ON K6T, Canada


Registered Academy
World Kobudo Federation
Nyingje Jujitsu Sanghal

Contact Us At:
Cell: 613-340-8002
​or 613-349-2662


Nyingbulam Jujitsu

Certified Training Centers

All of our certified training centers/dojos harbour the traditional values of the Japanese arts but teach with a modern approach. With a modern syllabus that covers all areas of self defense (Personal Safety & Security) from the standing position right through to the ground. They teach that the whole body can be used as a tool of defense or offence.

Training is typically done in drills and scenario based attacks, so to give the students the most realistic and affective training experience possible and since only highly affective techniques that do not rely on size, mass and power are taught so it makes the perfect self defense system for everyone.


Non-Conventional Weapons of Nyingbulam Jujitsu

Non-conventional weapons are simple everyday items we carry that can be used in a highly affective way to protect yourself once trained to do so.

These items may include.

Baseball Hat
Sun Glasses
Ball Point Pen
Credit Card
Leather Belt
Foot wear


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Nyingbulam is a fusion of
Karate (Shotokan), Jujitsu (Nihon Goshin Jujitsu)
and Pressure Point Techniques.

Nyingbu-lam was formulated by
Prof. Jason Carter Ma.D.Sc. (Kyoshi)  in 2001 and it was first officially recognized as a
Jujitsu Ryu on January 1st, 2007 by the
European Jujitsu Jujutsu Union [EJJU] and the
International JuJitsu Federation [IJJF].

And is now known, practised and  recognised world wide!


Nyingbulam Instructors Canada


Non-Conventional Weapons
Pen vs. Knife

Recognising Bodies





Nyingje Jujitsu Sangha Gatherings

South Eastern Ontario Spring 2017 South Western Ontario Fall 2017 South Western Ontario Fall 2017 South Eastern Ontario Spring 2018